Milton Keynes Conservative Party respond to Wilton Hall demolition plans

    The Milton Keynes Conservative Party have responded to the news that Wilton Hall could be demolished and replaced with new houses.

    The music and events venue in Bletchley, which has seen the likes of The Rolling Stones perform there, could be demolished after plans were submitted to Milton Keynes Council for six detached houses.

    After the news first came to light a few days ago, the local Conservative Party posted a long statement in response on their Facebook page.

    It stated: “It is disappointing to hear that a planning application has been submitted to demolish Wilton Hall for new housing.”

    “Wilton Hall has a rich history. It was a dance hall for Bletchley Park codebreakers in the forties and an important practice venue for music legends in the sixties.”

    “Today Wilton Hall remains in demand for community functions and evening entertainment.”

    “This Hall is more than just a historical footnote, it is an intrinsic part of our lives – it is our cultural heritage.”

    “Its loss would leave a big gaping hole in the heart of a town that already suffers from a dearth of entertainment venues.”

    “If Milton Keynes is a new city searching for a cultural identity then it seems to us that we can ill afford to kick away some of the identity that is already established.”

    “Recently many of our local venues have been put under threat – Bracknell House, The Stables and now Wilton Hall. A healthy community needs more cultural centres not less.”

    “Residents are telling us that they hope something can be done to retain Wilton Hall as a going concern. We hope so too.”

    The statement concluded: “This is a matter that concerns all Bletchley residents. Our local Conservative Councillor and candidate Allan Rankine and Angela Kennedy are working to see how we might save this deeply loved community venue.”

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