Milton Keynes Community Foundation launches Cost of Living Appeal

    7,267 Households in Milton Keynes won’t be turning on their heating this winter, according to figures.

    In response to the growing challenges faced by many people in our community, MK Community Foundation has launched its Cost of Living Winter Appeal on this year's Giving Tuesday.

    The appeal aims to address the rising costs faced by families as they navigate a post-covid, and now, cost of living crisis to provide basic needs such as heating and eating.

    Today, on Giving Tuesday, the Foundation invites individuals and businesses to join hands and support local people through Cost of Living Fund. This fund will support individuals with costs towards heating and food, the basic necessities.

    MK Community Foundation’s Chief Executive, Ian Revell emphasised: “In these challenging times, our community faces unprecedented hurdles. Every donation, regardless of size, is a lifeline for local people struggling with the cost of living crisis. We’re calling upon our community to unite in support.

    Now, more than ever, every donation counts. Together, we can navigate these uncertain times and emerge as a stronger city.”

    Milton Keynes Community Foundation is a grant-making charity sending funding where it’s needed most in Milton Keynes. Over those years they have awarded over £18m in rent subsidies and £15m in grant programmes.

    The generosity shown by the community last year meant that MK Community Foundation were able to support organisations with targeted financial support.

    Many of CarersMK's service users confided in the charity and stressed just how much they were struggling to heat their homes and provide food for their families due to the increased costs.

    CarersMK received a crucial £10,000 Cost of Living grant from MK Community Foundation, so that they could offer financial support to unpaid carers through the challenging winter months.

    They provided £200 one-off payment to 50 families, providing a lifeline amid the Cost of Living Crisis. The grant significantly enhanced the mental wellbeing of carers by addressing urgent needs like utility bills and food.

    One Carer, who provided full-time care to a partner with memory impairment, faced significant financial strain. Unable to work, they struggled with household bills and transportation costs, forcing them to walk, worsening their back problem. The Cost of Living Payment played a crucial role in managing their expenses and alleviating stress.

    Ways You Can Help

    1. Make a one off donation here
    or by texting HELPMK to 70085 with the amount you’d like to give.

    2. Become a Friend of MK Community Foundation here

    3. Donate your winter fuel payment here

    You can support the appeal here

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