Milton Keynes College teams up with The Open University to offer fast-track degrees

    Milton Keynes College, the South Central Institute of Technology (SCIoT) and The Open University (OU) have worked together to produce two new routes to full Honours Degrees.

    Learners will take two years at the College qualifying for an HND (Higher National Diploma), followed by a third top-up year with The OU to achieve a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Degree awarded by the University. 

    They will follow the same pattern of study at the SCIoT, allowing the students to obtain a BSc (Honours) Computing & IT Practice.

    Alex Warner, Principal at MK College and the SCIoT with responsibility for Curriculum, Innovation and Pedagogy says, “It’s a real vote of confidence from The OU to have agreed with MK College and the SCIoT on these opportunities for our students.

    “Universities often ask people who’ve studied for an HND at college to do two more years with them to qualify for a full honours degree like this.  We’ve worked with The Open University to ensure our students are ready for their one-year top-up routes.  

    "This shows we are providing education and training of a high standard.  It’s a real feather in our caps.

    “When we opened the SCIoT at Bletchley, we wanted to try to accelerate the graduate process and that is exactly what we are doing here.  We know people want to qualify as quickly as possible so they can get out into the workplace, earn money and contribute towards the economy.  The fact that these routes offer increased affordability for our students is a welcome bonus. 

    "I’m really proud of what we are doing and winning support from a renowned global institution like The Open University is a real boost for everyone concerned.”

    Professor Nick Braithwaite, STEM Faculty Executive Dean from The Open University says, “For over 50 years, The Open University has been bringing university to learners - giving anyone, anywhere the power to learn and to fit study around their lives.  

    "We are proud to be working with MK College and South Central Institute of Technology to offer their students these progression pathways.

    "Together, we are providing additional support for local HND students wanting Honours Degrees in subjects with regional and national skills shortages such as engineering and computing."

    Anyone wanting to find out more about the degree routes on offer should get in touch with

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