Milton Keynes College students take part in 'College in the Community Day'

    Students and staff at Milton Keynes College are today taking part in 'College in the Community Day'.

    Over 600 students and staff at Milton Keynes College are today (21/2) volunteering for more than 25 projects across the city as part of their day of action.

    Some of their initiatives include helping out at the Food Bank, volunteering with Milton Keynes University Hospital and taking part in the pancake race at Campbell Park.

    Students have been repairing benches in the park with donated materials.

    Engineering students have also been at Milton Keynes Museum keeping the museum clean and restoring historical equipment.

    Students have also created a 'pop up salon' at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

    As part of the college in the community day our staff are participating in The Parks Trust's Corporate Pancake Race.

    Inclusive Learners have been sorting through dry food, clothes and hygiene products for charities across Milton Keynes.

    Almost £200 has been raised towards the Cancer Centre and dementia wards.

    MKFM will update this article as the day goes on.

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