Milton Keynes City Council to invest in new technology to fix more potholes

    Milton Keynes City Council is investing funding to buy a new state of the art machine to fix more potholes in and around the city.

    The council will be investing £100,000 on a new Roadmender Elastomac machine. The system uses new technology that improves the quality and speed of repairs while being more sustainable and reducing carbon.

    The council has been trialling the machine here in recent months and results from MK, and other local authorities, have been positive. Conventional repair methods can create lengthy disruption to roads due to requiring potholes to be excavated for repairs, this new technology uses a pioneering material which is poured into and over the top of defects, wielding itself to the surface and improving the road surface.

    Purchasing the new machine will ensure more efficient use of existing budgets and allow more potholes to be fixed.

    Recent independent analysis has highlighted Milton Keynes has some of the best roads in the country, but a severe winter and wet spring and early summer has seen an increase in road defects. National research has shown there is a £16.3billion road repair backlog in England.

    The council will pay for the purchase by using part of an underspend of the council budget last year. 

    Cllr Jennifer Wilson-Marklew, Cabinet Member for Public Realm said, “Judging by national standards, the roads in Milton Keynes are amongst the best in the county but we are not complacent. We want to make sure we keep standards high. A severe winter and wet spring and early summer means we have work to do.”

    “This new machinery will allow us to carry out repairs quickly, reduce lengthy road closures, cut costs and be even more sustainable. Trials have highlighted this new technology works well and so we are investing to make sure we are able to fix our roads more efficiently. The funding is coming from an underspend in last year’s budget, highlighting that as a well-run council we can afford to invest in new technology like this rather than having to make more and more cuts.”

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