Milton Keynes City Council Leader hits back as MP criticises 'reckless overexpansion' of city

    The Leader of MK City Council has responded to criticism from the MP of Milton Keynes North over city planning.

    Yesterday (10/1), MP for Milton Keynes North, Ben Everitt MP, criticisied Milton Keynes City Council, stating that its 'reckless overexpansion plans' are putting 'huge pressure' on the infrastructure of Milton Keynes and its rural areas.

    The Conservative MP hit out at the Labour-Lib Dem run Council’s 'refusal' to listen and recognise the impact of its decisions.

    “We desperately need more affordable homes in MK, but they must proportionate, sustainable, appropriate and come with the right provision of services for local people. This is what proper planning is all about," the MP said.

    The criticism comes as the latest development approved by Milton Keynes City Council is for 800 extra houses as part of the MK East expansion which the MP says will have a major impact on the highways infrastructure in the area.

    The MP says that it is 'incredibly frustrating' that the Labour-Lib Dem alliance 'continues to push forward with their reckless expansion plans' which he says is putting too much pressure on public services.

    MKFM contacted the Leader of Milton Keynes City Council, Peter Marland, who is also portfolio holder for planning for a comment.

    “It’s sad that our local MP doesn’t know the facts about MK East, or that he’s simply choosing to mislead people," the Council Leader told MKFM.

    “Milton Keynes City Council has earmarked £250m to deliver improved infrastructure not only for the MK East development, but to improve transport links and other issues already faced by residents in that area. It’s the single biggest investment in infrastructure since the days of the MK Development Corporation. Ironically £90m of this funding has been given to the Council by the Conservative Government.

    “Far from creating traffic issues, a new bridge over the M1 will be built, something that wouldn't be necessary under Conservative planning rules, but is being delivered by a forward-looking Progressive Alliance Council. There is more good MK East news in that just this week the planning application for a fully funded new school and medical centre has been submitted, meaning existing local services will not be stretched as houses start being delivered. The new development will also put in place new flood prevention measures that will help issues already experienced in Newport Pagnell, something that the Conservative government have had 12 years to solve and have done nothing. 

    “It's also the height of hypocrisy to talk about pressure on GP services in Olney. I agree that development there has not had the proper infrastructure. That's why MK City Council turned down the original application only for the Conservative government inspector to approve it. However, yet again Labour will put right the mess the Conservatives have caused and we have put aside land and funding to extend the GP surgery in Olney so it can take more patients. For a Tory MP to talk about pressures on the NHS that he's helped bring to its knees is shameful."

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