Milton Keynes charity now offer free training for local workplaces to further understand Domestic Abuse

    With over 1.9million people in the UK experiencing domestic abuse year on year, MK Act are committed to raising awareness & educating professionals & the public.

    In partnership with Milton Keynes Council, MK Act now offer free training for employers and employees.

    As a result of the Corona Virus pandemic, the working age population are spending more time working from home. Evidence has shown that, across the country, domestic abuse has soared as victims are trapped with abusive partners during the lockdown.

    86% of HR leads agree they have a duty of care to provide support to employees on the issue of domestic abuse however, only 5% of organisations reported to have a specific policy or guidelines on the issue. The cost of domestic abuse to businesses is estimated at £1.9 billion per year due to decreased productivity, time off work and sick pay.

    MK Act bring a wealth of experience and frontline knowledge to help employers  and employees understand the complexities of domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships.

    Why should you invest in Training about Domestic Abuse?

    Domestic abuse is everybody’s business, and this includes employers.

    1 in 4 women and 1in 6 men will suffer domestic abuse some time in their lives – and yet we think it is something that happens to ‘other people’.

    “Everyone at work knew. They must have done. I arrived late, left early, and was constantly checking my phone. He came to my office a few times and demanded to see me. It was so embarrassing; I’d say anything to make him leave. “ -Sophie*, survivor of domestic abuse -

    Domestic abuse is something that will impact almost every workplace. However, so few employers have adequate policies or training about domestic abuse.

    MK Act are urging companies in Milton Keynes to ask their HR, managers or staff to attend their FREE Domestic Abuse workshops developed for businesses of all sizes, employers, HR professionals, line managers and front-facing staff.

    This training is accessed as a video interactive workshop style webinar which can be accessed across devices such as tablets desktops, and PC 

    style of training will be interactive with delegate participation, case study film, breakout rooms and easy to follow PowerPoints.

    Upcoming dates

    • Monday 18th October 9.30am -1pm

    • Wednesday 10th November 1pm -4.30pm

    • Please note there are limited spaces so book early to ensure your space

    To book please visit: Domestic Abuse - Awareness in the Workplace Registration, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

    Please note there are limited spaces so book early to ensure your space.

    For more information visit:

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