Milton Keynes charity launch young adult support group

    Harry’s Rainbow support children and young people bereaved of a parent or sibling in Milton Keynes and recognised, during the pandemic, the need for extending support to young adults up to the age of 25 years old.

    Harry's Rainbow core service is to provide facilitated contact within group settings, which was typically for children and teenagers at their Rainbow groups. During the pandemic, they found that young adults attending the Rainbow Groups were expressing the need for such a space as they got older. 

    The local charity are delighted that with the help of some of the young people who were growing out of the youth group, they will soon be ready to provide a service to young people and adults wanting this extended support.

    Planning for the Young Adult Support group has been undertaken by a small steering group of young adults including; Youth Group Ambassador Jessica (Harry’s twin sister) and Annalise from YiS, who has regularly attended and supported the group with wellbeing activities. The members of the planning group have a range of experience they feel will help progress the group, particularly that they have all suffered a bereavement themselves and accessed various bereavement support services with Harry’s Rainbow and other local organizations.

    So far the group have agreed their commitments and plan for the group to be available on a monthly basis, in the evening, at a central location.

    A spokesperson from Harry's Rainbow says, "We are proud to announce that the first group will be held on Monday 19th July at The Green Elephant café, CMK, where any young adult aged 16-25 years bereaved of a parent or sibling at any time throughout their lives, can attend and meet with peers over a drink and a cake."

    "The group will be facilitated by the Family Liaison Officer of Harry’s Rainbow supported by the Youth ambassador, CEO and representatives from YiS. With special thanks to The Green Elephant café for hosting us"

    For further information please visit the Harry's Rainbow website, or contact or call 01908 061676 to book to attend the next group.

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