Milton Keynes charity ‘challenges’ local people to make 2023 memorable

    Willen Hospice is encouraging local people to make 2023 their best year yet by taking on a challenge to raise vital funds for the charity.

    As part of their New Year, New Challenge campaign, the charity are offering a variety of incredible experiences. Local people can choose to take the leap and sign up for the Willen Hospice skydive day on 30th September, or find out all about the charity’s Mt. Kilimanjaro Challenge at an information evening on 22nd February. For the fitness fanatics there are cycle challenges across the UK and Europe, or achieve running goals by applying for a charity in place in some of the world’s most iconic running events, from the MK Marathon to the Berlin marathon.

    Dawn Clark, Willen Hospice Challenges Fundraiser, said “The New Year offers a fresh start for many of us, where we can reflect on what is important in life and seek what we want to achieve over the next 12 months. Signing up for a challenge in January is a great way to commit to making 2023 the best year yet. This time next year you could be saying ‘I ran a marathon’, or ‘I did a skydive’, or after a year of training and fundraising, you could be packing your bags for our Mt. Kilimanjaro challenge which departs 25th January 2024.

    “Challenges not only offer an incredible experience, but it is also a fantastic way to fundraise. Friends, family and colleagues can be very generous when they can see how hard you are pushing yourself, and how much the challenge means to you. The money raised will then help us to care for patients and local families who are facing a different kind of challenge, one that is extremely difficult but made easier by the support and care provided through our services.”

    Willen Hospice needs to raise £5.9 million every year, that’s £11.23 a minute. Visit to find out more about taking on a challenge for the charity.


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