Milton Keynes Central Library set to receive £50,000 towards improvements

    An extra £50,000 is being proposed to help improve Milton Keynes Central Library as part of their budget plans.

    The budget plans will be debated by all councillors in February.

    Plans include upgrading lighting and signage, as well as improving the children’s library space.

    In order to make the library more accessible, there are also plans to install a Changing Places facility, which is an accessible toilet with extra space, a larger sink and/or shower and equipment such as a bench or hoist.

    Labour Councillor Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “Libraries are a key pillar of our community, and we’re working hard to protect and improve them wherever we can.”

    “MK Central Library in particular is so important to families and children across our city, and I’m happy that this funding will improve the library, and make it accessible for even more residents of Milton Keynes.”

    Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, Cabinet Member for Tackling Inequality and Child Poverty, said: “I’m especially pleased that there are plans for a Changing Places facility to be included in the library’s improvements. All councillors expressed their support for Changing Places when I brought a motion on the topic to Full Council last year, and it is great to see progress being made already.”

    “The Progressive Alliance’s goal for Milton Keynes is to be a safe, welcoming and accessible place, and having a Changing Place in our Central Library helps us achieve that.”

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