Milton Keynes businesses found to offer lower-priced PCR tests compared to other parts of country

    Some businesses have been found to cash in on the fact that travellers must take PCR tests before leaving the UK.

    The cost of PCR tests, which use a swab to detect coronavirus on the tonsils and inside the nose, have been found to vary completely.

    Analysis by the Liberal Democrats shows just 11% of providers across the UK offered tests for under £50, with the cheapest offering prices ranging from £20.

    Some 24% of the providers were charging more than £200 - with the Mayfair GP clinic listed as £575, although its own website said prices start at £399.

    And it seems that places in Milton Keynes are within the mid mark, with most charging around £150 for a standard test. 

    A certain local provider charged a higher price of £210 for an "express" PCR test that gives you results within 24 hours. 

    This same test with speedy turnaround costs just £99 at the family-run Jardines Pharmacy Group.

    Those who require same-day test results from Jardines can obtain this for £165.00.

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    The discrepancy between the different costs that providers are charging has resulted in calls for the cost of PCR tests to be capped.

    Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, has also requested the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) conduct a review of the matter.

    He said on Twitter: "People should be able to go on holiday, whether it's to see family or just to relax, without fearing excessive fees for PCR tests."

    Have you paid "excessive" fees for a PCR test in Milton Keynes? Let us know by emailing

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