Milton Keynes-based cleaning company uses innovative 'bio-fogging' to sanitise workplaces

    Star Touch Services has been using innovative 'bio-fogging' sterilisation to ensure places can reopen safely as we ease out of lockdown.

    Some nurseries in the Milton Keynes area, including Nurtureville Nursery in Loughton, have been offered the service for free. 

    Star Touch Services is now offering a paid service to businesses in the local area whether it be clubs, pubs, clinics or shops. The cleaning method ensures that 99.9999% of pathogens are destroyed, and also creates a barrier that can last up to 30 days on hard surfaces.

    The products used are environmentally friendly and are proved as effective by the manufacturer. 

    Hayley De Bruin, owner of Star Touch Services, said: "The current situation hasn’t been easy for any of us and I want to help give people a bit more of a piece of mind as well as keeping each premise as clean as possible, I want to help in the fight with getting back to normal again. The biocidal that we use has the highest disinfection level that you can get! 

    "Anything is worth a try at the moment and I have full confidence in this sterilisation system."

    How does it work?

    They wipe down all touchpoints manually and dispose of the cloths correctly. Then, a fogging machine is used which creates millions of microdroplets of Sterizar biocidal destroying pathogens. These droplets stay in the air for a limited time meaning that they get to places that cannot physically be reached. 

    Once the treatment is complete, the business will receive a certificate to say that they have had Sterizar applied to all surfaces using the sterilisation system.  

    Find out more about Star Touch Services by clicking here.

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