Milton Keynes based charity The Henry Allen Trust appeals for local support in 2023

    Local charity The Henry Allen Trust, Team Henry firmly believes in the “Power of Giving”.

    Dawn Allen, Director and Founder released the following statement:

    "The current financial crisis has really impacted everyone, and this includes our small charity, The Henry Allen Trust.  With the recession, monetary donations and gifting donations have dropped by nearly 50% which means if this continues, we will only be able to support 50% of the children, teens, young adults and their families battling childhood cancers.  Can you imagine your child being diagnosed with cancer? Can you imagine not being able to access the support you need? This is my plea to you… Can you donate just £5 today to help support the vital work we undertake? 

    "Please visit and click on the donate button on the top right-hand corner. 

    "Remember… The power of living is giving! Giving £5 will gift a child a food voucher, a small care package, a toy, notebook and pen, fidget spinner, teddy bear, funding towards a well-being session, all of this will help to elevate the pain and boredom in hospital whilst undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  Our small charity makes a HUGE difference and whilst on our hospital visits to the wards over Christmas, Team Henry have noticed even more than ever how much support is needed. 

    "As Mum to Henry, my forever 4 superhero I truly understand the cancer journey families embark on and how much Henry’s Legacy supports families and health care professionals. Why give? Giving is good for your soul… Giving makes you feel good… The more you give the better your life becomes… Give £5 today and help a child going through their cancer journey. 

    "If you are unable to give £5 today, why don’t you think about pledging in 2023 to volunteer, gift your time or your services.  If you don’t have a charity of the year, would you consider The Henry Allen Trust, invite me in for an informal chat to find out how we can collaborate. 

    "A heartfelt thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the ongoing support shown to my son’s charity.

    "Hope, dream, believe that anything is possible. 

    "The power of living really is giving."

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