Milton Keynes-based charity counts down to Christmas with Advent of Change

    Bletchley based children's charity Toybox is one of 48 charities chosen by Advent of Change to be part of their Christmas collection available in John Lewis and Waitrose stores nationwide.

    Toybox is part of a unique product line-up for Christmas 2021.

    The feel-good festive range has been revealed in partnership with John Lewis by the non-profit social enterprise, Advent of Change, which pioneered the UK’s first advent calendar with a charity behind each door.

    Toybox is included in the Charity Advent calendar, Advent candle and Charity Christmas bauble, just part of the growing collection, this year once again supporting charities from all around the world.

    Give back as you count down to Christmas - your purchase will donate towards a new charity behind each calendar door, explaining what your donation has given. 

    Last year the collection raised £235,000 totalling £545,000 across the first three years which Advent of Change has been up and running.

    The Advent of Change collection offers a sustainable alternative at Christmas, from the items themselves to the packaging, not only do these products give back, but they fully support a more sustainable Christmas.

    The candle is 100% natural wax, the crackers and calendars are plastic free and recyclable.

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