Milton Keynes based charity announce return of charity golf day

    Local charity, Medical Detection Dogs, based in Milton Keynes, has just announced the return of it’s popular charity golf day on Tuesday 8th October at Woburn Golf Club.

    Join the humans and dogs from the life-saving charity, Medical Detection Dogs (MDD), for a round on the prestigious Duke’s course, breakfast, refreshments, a drinks reception, a three-course dinner, competitions, prize giving, a live auction and a raffle.

    MDD trains dogs to save lives using their amazing sense of smell. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs learn to detect a change in the odour of their clients which can indicates that they’re about to have a potentially life-threatening medical episode due to conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, PoTS and severe allergies. They give their clients  around a 5 minute warning so they can avoid injury and hospitalisation and they restore their independence and confidence.

    Bio Detection Dogs learn the odour of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and bacterial infections from human samples in the charity’s Great Horwood training room. Their learning from the dogs inform the scientific community, including bio-electronic nose developers and AI, and have the potential to revoluntionsie the future of diagnostics. Those wet, twitchy noses could lead to faster, more accurate, and less invasive diagnosis of diseases that sadly affect us all.

    Registration starts at 9am with a shotgun start at 11am.

    If you’d like to support this work whilst having a terrific time, visit

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