Milton Keynes based animal rescue centre hopes to raise £20,000 after pandemic struggles

    HULA Animal Rescue desperately needs donations to help dogs like Lottie, who had her eye removed following a bad infection

    HULA Animal Rescue has taken in 96 animals since the start of lockdown and they desperately require donations from the public in order to continue with the work they do.

    HULA Animal Rescue is a small animal adoption centre on the border of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Based on a farm in Aspley Guise, they primarily rescue dogs, cats and other small animals who are needing new homes or who are in vulnerable situations.

    HULA Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation that has been serving the local community since the early 70s. Due to this, donations they receive from the public are vital to continue in their operations.

    Like many people, they have found the events of the last year particularly tough. Describing the situation they find themselves in, HULA Animal Centre said: "Let's face it, 2020 has been a bad year.

    "Businesses, shops, schools, cafes, young people, old people have all been affected and sadly so have animals. HULA has taken in 96 animals since the lockdown restrictions were eased many of whom have needed vet care and attention.

    "HULA Animal Rescue is fundraising to raise £20,000 which will assist with approximately 6 months of vet bills.

    "It feels like we've been hit twice an increase in animals needing high veterinary care and therefore high vet bills at a time where fundraising and income is down. Vet bills can reach £4000 a month, which is no small amount to find.

    "Since arriving at HULA in July, friendly and sweet boy Zeus has needed surgery to fix a torn ligament in his knee, a fairly serious operation that requires a strict post-surgical rest period.

    "Zeus, a Dutch Herder, who arrived at HULA as his owner was unable to manage him along with her own health issues has cost the charity £3,500 and his treatment is far from over; more X-rays are booked and more surgery may be on the cards. Another HULA emergency rescue Eros, a homeless kitten, recently cost HULA £608 due to extreme dehydration and malnutrition on arrival and these are not unusual occurrences.

    "It's not just the medical emergencies that rack up the bills. Routine operations such as spays and neuters can cost HULA anywhere from £50 for a simple cat castrate to £300 for a large dog spay. During the last 3 months, HULA has paid £1162 for necessary dentals.

    "Please help us by donating whatever you can to our appeal. If you would like to hold your own fundraisers (with appropriate covid measures of course!) then please do let us know as we'd love to shout about them on our social media."

    If you would like to donate to the fundraiser and give what you can, please click here.

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