McDonald's announce annual 24-hour Love Where You Live litterpick in Milton Keynes

    McDonald's are calling for as many volunteers as possible to turn out during the 24-hour period to make the event their biggest and most productive litter pick yet!

    After a two year break, McDonald’s in Milton Keynes have announced the return of their 24-hour litter pick, which takes place on Thursday 16 September. 

    At 10am on Thursday 16 September, volunteers will congregate at the centre:mk branch of McDonald’s before heading off on a 28 mile journey around Milton Keynes, cleaning up dozens of city estates, and stopping in for refreshments at each of the McDonald’s stores for refreshments along the way.

    Ken Tomkins, owner of local franchisee Kaizen Restaurants, commented “We’ve been organising litter picking events in Milton Keynes for a decade now, but due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to organise our usual group gatherings. Instead, there have been lots of volunteers getting out on their own to make a difference to their local areas.”

    “We’ve been overwhelmed with how our Love MK Hate Litter community has grown during this pandemic period.  I can’t wait to see plenty of those now familiar faces, and new ones too, as we help keep up the clean up on 16 September!”

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    Residents and workers who would like to get involved are invited to join the Facebook Events Page.

    If you’d like to join the Love MK Hate Litter community, you can do here.

    Approximate timings for the event are as follows:-

    • McDonald’s CMK - 10am Kick off
    • McDonald’s nearest the Train Station - 11am
    • McDonald’s Wolverton - 2pm
    • McDonald’s Westcroft - 5pm
    • McDonald’s Brickhill - 8.30pm
    • McDonald’s Bletchley - 11pm
    • McDonald’s Kingston - 5am
    • McDonald’s Xscape – Approx. 9.30am to 10am

    Please note timings are approximate. You can stay up to date on their whereabouts on social media on the day.

    Make sure you follow local McDonald’s franchise Kaizen Restaurants Ltd on social media to stay up to date with local Love Where You Live events throughout the year. 

    You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching “KaizenMcDsMK”.

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