Massive tribute festival returning to Milton Keynes this summer

    MKF Festival organisers have issued a ticket warning ahead of this year’s huge event.

    MKF Tribute Festival will take place on Saturday the 26th & Sunday 27th of August 2023. 

    A huge part of MKF’s appeal is, without doubt, the fact you get a Real Festival Experience for an unbelievably low price.  

    UK Tribute Festivals, the organisation behind MKF has remained loyal to it’s fans by keeping ticket prices affordable, something that has never been as important as it is this year. 

    With all the talk of a “cost of living crisis” and “price hikes” MKF is remaining true to it’s ethos and guarantees no price hikes, keeping tickets at the same price as last year, this has, inevitably meant MKF is seeing more demand for tickets than ever before.

    Organisers say “there is a significant increase in demand for MKF this year.  There’s a huge appetite for outdoor live events and the music industry is getting back to normal after the pandemic etc.  Also MKF is so affordable compared to some of the other festivals that are taking place, we’ve calculated the average festival is around £100 per person just for the ticket, where MKF comes in at only £11 per person, less for Children. 

    "We are seeing thousands of festival goers turning to us as a great fun, quality, real, affordable festival option, so much so we have capped the number of tickets available.  We know MKF has loyal fans who have been with us from day one and we would hate to see them miss out so we are urging MKF fans not to delay once tickets are released”

    This year see’s tributes to, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Elvis and much more, with Saturdays line up being true to its rock roots with tributes to, Guns ‘N’ Roses, NIN, and Metallica to name but a few. Alongside the multitude of bands that appear on the two stages, there are thrill rides, Bars, VIP areas, market area and lots of food options.

    Tickets and more information can be found here.

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