'Mark The Moo' with Herd About MK

    Herd About MK are urging you to be part of Milton Keynes's history and sign one of their celebratory cows in Middleton Hall.

    You may have heard about the Herd About MK project, where 50 life-size cows are coming to town and being decorated by some of the great organisations of Milton Keynes. You are being given the chance to join in the Herd and celebrate Milton Keynes 50th birthday by Marking a Moo!

    All the cows will be on parade in Middleton Hall until Sunday 2nd April together with the two moo’s to be marked by you.

    All you need to do to get involved is get down to the centre:mk and ask one of the Herd About MK team about putting your “mark on the moo” to support the project as well as the three great MK charities benefiting from the project.

    The two marked moo’s will then become a feature of the 50th birthday celebrations and be involved in the other Herd About MK events. You will also receive a limited edition “I’ve Marked the Moo” cuddly toy cow!

    In addition to this, you will be invited to suggest a name for each of the two cows and be entered into a prize draw for some Herd About MK goodies. 

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