Mark Lancaster: Government must 'get policies right' to drive down food bank usage

    Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, has said the government must 'get policies right' in order to drive down usage of food banks in Milton Keynes.

    He made the comments as part of the MKFM 50,000 Tin Challenge, where mid morning presenters Darren and Lia teamed up with Tesco, JSMV and Unit Nine to collect tins for the Food Bank in Milton Keynes.

    Mr Lancaster welcomed the generosity of residents in their donations, but said it was "a shame that we need to have food banks."

    The usage of food banks in Milton Keynes has fallen slightly according to Mr Lancaster, however he was clear that "we all have to be very mindful" of the fact that people have to use them and said it was important to "make sure we get our policies at government right to ensure we don't have to use them in the future."

    Giving the people the opportunity to work and find affordable housing in the city were identified as two key policies which Mr Lancaster would continue to pursue in order to drive down both the usage of food banks and the level of homelessness in our city.

    Mark Lancaster was at Tesco Kingston as part of his weekly advice surgery, which will see him visit Tesco Wolverton next Friday to speak to residents about their local and national issues of concern.

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