Man jailed for targeting 'innocent and elderly' people and burgling their homes in town near Milton Keynes

    A man has been jailed after he was convicted of two dwelling burglaries that occurred in Buckingham.

    Lewis Willett, aged 31, of Pleasant Place, Hersham, Surrey was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment at Oxford Crown Court last Monday (9/8).

    At a previous hearing, he pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary dwelling and theft.

    The first offence took place at around 1.30pm on 3 June 2021 on Western Avenue, Buckingham. Willett was found in the kitchen of the victim, a woman in her sixties. The victim shouted for Willett to leave but he argued that there was work to be done in the garden. After Willett left the victim noticed her husband’s wallet had been stolen.

    At around 7pm on 29 June 2021 Willett knocked on the door of the victim, a woman in her seventies. After stating that he could carry out building work the victim was due to have on her house in The Maltings, Chackmore, he entered the property. The victim gave Willett her debit card, scared that Willett would return to her address, and Willett withdrew £300 from a nearby cash machine.

    Willett was arrested on 7 July and charged the same day.

    Investigating officer Detective Constable Rachel Huggins based at Abingdon Police Station, said: “These burglaries were targeted at innocent, elderly people within our communities. We will not tolerate such behaviour in our communities and we will always investigate reports of this nature thoroughly and put offenders before the courts.

    “We advise anyone to ensure they get ID from people knocking at their door and not let them into their house or to give them any money.

     “I would like to thank the victims for their support throughout our investigation, and I hope that the fact Willett will now go to prison will serve as some solace to them.”

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