Local runner completes 100 miles in the city’s first 24-hour run in MK

    Just under 200 runners took to the streets of the city in the first MK24 ‘Midsummer Run’ last weekend from Willen Lake in a 24-hour customised challenge.

    The challenge organised by the Redway Runners, allowed runners to complete as many laps they wanted to within a 24-hour period. Each lap of 6.55 miles (a quarter of a marathon) took runners through picturesque Campbell Park, Willen Lake and the Ouzel Valley.

    Over the 24-hour period, a total of 5,800 miles were achieved and the winner, Mark Atkinson completed an amazing 100 miles over the weekend.

    In a narrow second came Simon Read who completed 72 miles. The winning team ‘The Brickhill Braves’ completed almost one lap per hour and 23 in total.

    77 runners completed the ultra-marathon, 54 in the half marathon and 39 in the full marathon.

    Martin Lawrence, Chair of the Redway Runners said, “This first event was a huge success and we’ve received so many messages of thanks and support from so many people.

    Question is now will we organise it for next year? An absolute, yes and it will be bigger and better.”

    Comments received already from those who took part in this first ever 24-hour event running it their way included:

    “It was a fantastic first event! You’ve set the bar high for next year.

    It gave runners a way to achieve personal targets that may not have been possible.

    Each runner received bespoke ‘spinning’ medals and many runners who did completed distances of a half, full and ultra-marathons were awarded customised pin badges.

    The Redway Runners is an all-inclusive running club in Milton Keynes and has sessions every day of the week to suit the needs of all people. For more information about the club, visit: www.redwayrunners.com

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