Local parish council funds 4 life-saving defibrillators for Milton Keynes estates

    Shenley Church End Parish Council has funded 4 new external defibrillators.

    Shenley Church End Parish Council has funded 4 life-saving external defibrillators for the parish.

    The first three have been installed at Oxley Park Community Centre, Medbourne Pavilion and at the Crownhill Meeting Place.

    The parish council posted on Facebook saying: "A big Thank You to NiftyLift Worldwide for covering the electrical installation costs at Oxley Park Community Centre and Medbourne Pavilion and to InspireAll for covering the installation costs and agreeing to have a defibrillator on the Crownhill Meeting Place."

    They have said the fourth will be located at either Sainsburys in Shenley Church End or Shenley Church End Leisure Centre.

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