Local Milton Keynes lady is surprised on BBC’s The One Show

    Founder of local Milton Keynes-based charity was surprised last Thursday, June 27, on the BBC’s The One Show.

    Katie Mainwaring, who founded local charity Emily’s Star twelve years ago, was surprised with the “One Big Thank You” on BBC’s The One Show.

    Katie believed she was in for a VIP trip around the Williams F1 museum after stepdad James had won a competition through his work. Knowing how much Katie loves F1 he invited her, her son and his (James’) wife, Katie’s mum Debbie along.

    Upon arrival, Katie and Jake (son) were asked if they would be happy to be recorded for some social media content leading up to the Silverstone Grand Prix, so they thought nothing of being filmed around the museum. 

    It was only when Katie and Jake were racing on the F1 Simulator that things took a turn. Jake was replaced with a “simulator driver” in a helmet. Later it was revealed to be Alex Albon the Williams F1 driver.

    Katie, who was nominated by mum Debbie for the One Big Thank you, has been supporting families in and out of Milton Keynes for over twelve years, all in memory of her daughter, Emily. Katie said, “It’s my way of being her mum.”

    Katie lost her daughter Emily over twelve years ago to Edwards Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18. She was told by doctors baby Emily would only have four days to live, but Emily proved them wrong and made twenty-six days worth of memories with her family and loved ones before sadly passing.

    After loosing Emily, Katie founded Emily’s Star, with the aim to raise funds for Children with Complex Needs nurses and families across the UK.

    Emily’s Star are there to support all children in Milton Keynes aged 0-25 who fall under the care of Children with Complex Needs nursing needs.

    For more information about Emily’s Star, please visit https://www.emilysstar.co.uk/

    The full programme with Katie’s appearance can still be watched on BBC iPlayer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0020kbj

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