Local GP launches ear specialist clinic

    Dr. Alifoe, a well-respected GP in Milton Keynes, has opened an ear specialist clinic providing several services that are no longer available in GP surgeries.

    GP Specialist in ENT Dr Hopeson Alifoe has 15+ years’ experience running Community ENT Services in Milton Keynes commissioned by MKCCG. When local surgeries stopped offering specialist aural services, including ear syringing, Dr. Alifoe opened his own practice to help patients.

    The Clear Ear Doctor offer a wide range of patient services including ear wax removal, external canal ear infection and discharging ear(s). They use modern techniques that are less risky than syringing (Micro suction is considered, by experts, to be the gold standard treatment for ear wax problems).

    Ear wax is important for keeping our ears healthy and clean, protecting against infection. However, a build up of ear wax can cause problems with hearing.

    If you’ve been experiencing problems with your ears, you can find helpful tips and guidance from Dr. Alifoe on his website, including how using olive oil can soften ear wax and prevent build up. More information can be found here.

    Contact The Clear Ear Doctor MK

    Book online: https://www.thecleareardrmk.com/book-online

    Call: 07340985569

    Email: thecleareardrmk@gmail.com

    Address: Treatment Rooms @ Hilltops Medical Centre, Kensington Dr, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9HN

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