Local children hold charity collection for struggling new mums

    Baby Basics, based in Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, provide much needed essentials to parents who find themselves in times of need or financial difficulty.

    Little ones from across Milton Keynes have been donating nappies, blankets, toys and clothes to local charity, Baby Basics. With help from their generous parents, new-borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers collected over two hundred and fifty bags for the well-deserving, volunteer-led charity.

    During National Baby Swimming Week, Water Babies Bucks and Beds appealed to the parents and loved ones of the little ones who swim with them at Woughton Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes University Hospital, DW Sports and at Holiday Inn Milton Keynes. From Sunday 14th October until Saturday 20th October, children were asked to bring a donation – however big or small – along to their weekly swimming lesson, for teachers to donate to Baby Basics, on behalf of Water Babies. Items included baby wipes, shampoo, towels, bedding and new-born clothing.

    Tamsin Brewis, who has owned Water Babies in Milton Keynes since 2004, couldn’t quite believe how incredible the response to the Water Babies charity collection was, with the Water Babies office rapidly filling with donations.

    “Our team of teachers just kept filling bag after bag, which all eventually made their way to our office in Banbury. The parents who swim with us are always so supportive of the charity work we do and it’s incredible to see just how generous people can be. We supported Baby Basics during baby swimming week because they truly deserve the support and the recognition for the work that they do. If our donations can change the lives of just one new-born, then we’ve done a good job!”

    It’s safe to say that Tamsin and the Water Babies team will benefit a number of disadvantaged families over the coming months. Baby Basics collect, build and package a ‘Moses Basket’ of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment, which is then hand delivered to new mothers in the days following birth. The charitable organisation works closely with local midwives and health visitors to ensure that the people who most deserve the support are given it.

    With the events of national baby swimming week promoting the benefits of exercise for little ones, Tamsin felt passionately about giving back to those who are less equipped to give their children the best start in life.

    “At Water Babies, we promote the rewards of one-on-one time with your child and we teach what we believe to be an essential life skill. Unfortunately, some new parents aren’t always in the position to be able to offer this to their little ones and we feel so lucky to be able to support people in this position. Thank you to all of our wonderful parents and to those who donated so generously. You’ve really made a difference, and for many, you’ve made all the difference.”

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