LIVE: Man dead following cardiac arrest in New Bradwell Park, area was sealed off

    A man has died following a cardiac arrest in New Bradwell. As part of the New Bradwell incident, the area was sealed off by Police and ambulances were on the scene. Get the latest on our live blog here...

    This page will be updated as we get more information, please refresh the page to see the latest updates.


    We now have a statement from the Thames Valley Police regarding the New Bradwell incident:

    "Thames Valley Police is in Newport Road, Milton Keynes, after a man suffered a cardiac arrest.

    The Force was called to Newport Road, New Bradwell, at 8.42am today after concerns for a man’s welfare.

    The force and South Central Ambulance Service attended the scene and sadly the man was pronounced deceased.

    Police are at the scene at this time."


    Karl on Twitter is reporting that the area was closed off well before 10am, and tells us what he saw when he went past:


    We are still waiting for official confirmation from Thames Valley Police regarding the exact nature of the incident. We will update you as soon as we hear back from them.


    The Park is still reported to be sealed off, with a considerable Police presence still in place.


    While we wait for Thames Valley Police to come back to us, here is everything we know so far:

    - A number of Police, Ambulance and Forensics crews have been on the scene at Newport Road Play Area in New Bradwell, Milton Keynes.

    - The Play Area is currently closed off with a heavy Police presence in the surrounding areas.


    As well as the large number of forensics being reported as on site, a number of residents are reporting an increased Police presence in the surrounding area of New Bradwell. The first reports of the area being sealed off came to us around one hour ago.


    We've just spoken to Thames Valley Police who will be providing us with an update shortly.


    So far eyewitnesses have reported seeing a number of Police cars, forensics and ambulance vehicles in the vicinity. The park itself is currently closed off while investigations take place.


    Where exactly is the incident? Reports suggest it is on the Newport Road Play Area in New Bradwell in Milton Keynes, as seen below on Google Maps:


    Reports that the New Bradwell Park in Milton Keynes is currently sealed off with Police, forensics and Ambulance on the scene. We have contacted Thames Valley Police for urgent confirmation. 

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