List of roadworks taking place across Milton Keynes

    Here is a list of roadworks that Milton Keynes City Council will be carrying out across the city over the next few weeks.

    To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

    Road repairs including potholes:

    20 February:

    Astwood - Main Road

    Bletchley - Berwick Drive and Viscount Way

    H5 - Portway Roundabout

    Onley - Wellingborough Road

    21 February:

    Bletchley - Cornwall Grove, Fern Grove, George Street, Kinross Drive, Sutherland Grove and Wincanton Hill

    22 February:

    Bletchley - Osborne Street, Western Road and Vicarage Road

    Bradville - Kingsfold and Wallingford

    V1 Snelshall Street between H7 and H8

    Warrington - Northampton Road

    23 February:

    Coffee Hall - St Dunstans

    Newport Pagnell - Alexandra Drive, Broad Street and Green Park Drive

    Tongwell - Michigan Drive

    24 February:

    Bleak Hall - Chesney Wold

    Kingston - Chippenham Drive and Winchester Circle

    Sherington - Gun Lane and School Lane

    Old Wolverton - Colts Holm Road


    23-27 February:

    V11 Tongwell Street between H9 and H10

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