List of roadworks set to take place across Milton Keynes from next week

    From 24th January, there will be roadworks taking place on some sections in the following areas.

    To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

    Road repairs including potholes:

    24 January:

    Central Milton Keynes - North Grafton Street

    25 January:

    Coffee Hall - Lloyds

    Oldbrook - Childs Way between V6 and V7

    26 January:

    Newton Blossomville - Clifton Road

    Newport Pagnell - North Crawley Road and The Green

    Walnut Tree - Bletcham Way between V10 and V11

    27 January:

    Monkston - Bridlington Crescent#

    Tongwell - Michigan Drive

    28 January:

    Kingsmead - Saltwood Avenue

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