Lib Dems in Milton Keynes call for Parliament to be recalled following 'shambolic' budget

    Robin Bradburn

    The local Liberal Democrats are calling for Parliament to be recalled.

    Milton Keynes Liberal Democrats are demanding Parliament to be recalled this week, following what they have described as a "shambolic budget".

    They’re also calling for a tougher windfall tax on oil and gas giants to help people and businesses with their bills, and new investment in local health services.

    Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn, said: “The Chancellor’s out of touch and shambolic budget has been exposed as a reckless gamble. 

    "The Conservatives are giving huge unfunded tax cuts to the banks, while neglecting local health services and hammering ordinary people with years of tax hikes.

    “Not enough is being done by the Government to help families in Milton Keynes who are struggling and worried about being landed with higher bills, higher taxes, and higher mortgage payments thanks to the government’s incompetence.”

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