Less than two weeks until Milton Keynes’ largest African festival

    Milton Keynes residents are invited to attend the African Diaspora Foundation festival, that takes place in less than two weeks, and celebrate and explore what the culture has to offer.

    On 6 July, the African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) festival will be returning to Campbell Park, where the largest African festival will be hosted. With live music, food, language workshops, rock climbing, penalty football shooting, face painting, drumming, fire breathing, and so much more, not to mention a community parade. The festival is visited by approximately 6000 people around the UK.

    ADF is all about celebrating and bringing people together to enjoy food, drink, art, and the company of one another. The African community in Milton Keynes and its resources will be showcased by the ADF. The event is supposed to be entertaining and stimulating. The opportunity to experience African culture through its cuisine, flavour, arts and crafts, and entertainment is provided by this event for the larger community. The African Festival Diaspora Foundation aims to create a modern yearly festival that serves as a catalyst for a vibrant, powerful, and diverse community that values and embraces its variety. It envisions itself as a free community engagement festival.

    The festival will take place on Saturday 6 July at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, and will start from 11am until 8pm, and entry is free.

    For more information about ADF, please visit https://africandiasporafoundation.co.uk/

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