Last chance to catch Early Bird tickets for magical mile-long lantern festival set to light up Milton Keynes

    There is still time to book Early Bird tickets for the Land of Lights this winter.

    A huge Milton Keynes lantern festival is set to inspire visitors and illuminate the skies this winter in a first of its kind for the city, and the early bird offer has now been extended until Sunday 25th September.

    Land of Lights, which will be held at Gulliver’s Resort, will include 12 vivid dreamworlds featuring gigantic lanterns inspired by animals, mega monuments and wonders of the natural world.

    Guests will explore one mile of amazing light installations, which include over 50,000 LED lights. The experience will feature an eclectic mix of music and entertainment. A wide selection of street food and seasonal drink options will be available throughout the festival.

    More than 100 people are involved in the production process undertaken by Zigong Lantern Group, which takes three months to finish as each lantern is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans.

    Darren Hoy, Land of Lights Festival Manager, said: “Land of Lights will be bursting with colour, energy and culture. It’s a brilliant opportunity to brighten up your winter. As soon as you arrive at the festival you’ll find Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, breathtaking moments and installations that will light up your imagination.

    “Visitors can look forward to a mile of immersive illuminations, where you can delve into different worlds, discover everything from huge animals to magnificent buildings. This is something the city has never seen before, so we know our guests are going to be as excited to see it as we are to host it

    "It’s a fantastic attraction not just for those from the local area but we also expect people to visit from far and wide because it really is going to be a dazzling experience suitable for people of all ages. This year Milton Keynes was awarded city status so it’s the perfect time to host an event that’s all about celebrations, togetherness and new horizons.’’

    Land of Lights will run from November 2022 until February 2023.

    Early bird tickets are on sale until 25th September.

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