Labour Leader Keir Starmer visits Milton Keynes to discuss home ownership ahead of Autumn Statement

    Image: Labour Party

    Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves MP made a visit Milton Keynes yesterday (14/11), to talk to first time buyers ahead of the Autumn Statement.

    Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party and Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, made a trip to Milton Keynes yesterday (Monday 14th November) to discuss home ownership.

    The pair made a visit to the new Saxon Reach development to discuss housing with first time buyers and local Labour councillors ahead of the Autumn Statement on Thursday.

    "We need more space but we are at the point now where with inflation and prices and petrol and everything, we are actually going to have to downgrade," one resident told Keir Starmer.

    Another told the Labour Leader he has to work three jobs to privately rent.

    The Labour leader says he would give first time buyers priority on new properties.

    "There's really difficult stories of people who can't afford the mortgage, can't afford the deposit because the government has crashed the economy," Keir Starmer told ITV News. "It is all very well the government saying you'll have to pay more but they have made a real mess of the economy and the human impact is huge.

    "What I want to see on Thursday is a fairness test, there are fair ways of making money and oil and gas windfall tax would be one of them."

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