Jeremy Corbyn Milton Keynes rally location confirmed as Willen Lake South

    Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn will visit Willen Lake in Milton Keynes on Monday afternoon, as part of his tour of marginal constituencies across the UK.

    Milton Keynes Labour Party have confirmed on Facebook that the rally will take place on the South side of the lake, close to the play areas and the Lakeside Pub.

    The event will run from 4.15pm to 6.15pm with a number of speakers including Mr Corbyn, who is expected to speak last.

    After the election in June, both Milton Keynes constituencies are now considered key targets for Labour. Over 20,000 votes were added to Labour’s 2015 totals with candidates in both the north and south of the city narrowly missing out to the Conservatives.

    One of the highlights of that election was the large open air rallies held by Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds of thousands of people attended events across the country to listen to him speak. The rallies have been highlighted as a key reason so many young people have been energised into getting involved in politics.

    You can register to attend the rally by clicking here.

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