It's going to be warm but not too sunny in Milton Keynes this week - here's your full forecast

    After a lovely weekend of sunshine and high temperatures, it looks like the weather is set to stay warm but not too sunny this week in Milton Keynes.

    Monday is set to be a dull and cloudy start, with mist and fog slow to clear during the morning. Becoming brighter in the afternoon, with some sunny spells possible. Maximum temperature 17°C.

    Tuesday will be dry with some sunny spells after a cloudy start. Maximum temperature 17°C.

    Wednesday will be dry and bright with sunny spells. Maximum temperature 20°C.

    Thursday will be very warm, but with a chance of heavy thundery showers in the south. Maximum temperature 21°C.

    There is a very high pollen count through the entire week in Milton Keynes, as well as High UV rating as well.

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