Age UK Milton Keynes urgently needs help to support to local older people

    Panic buying is taking the MK community by storm. As a result, the elderly are struggling to buy items they need, says charity Age UK.

    Initially, it was planned that donation trolleys were to be placed in local supermarkets for residents to donate items. One was set up at a local supermarket, however, the charity had been told that people were stealing the donations.

    A spokesperson for Age UK Milton Keynes said: "We are urgently asking for donations so that we can go directly to suppliers to buy these goods for distribution to the older residents of Milton Keynes." 

    The charity has since moved to online monetary donations. Aside from the normal methods of donating, a GoFundMe page has just been set up to raise money to purchase items from suppliers. 

    "As a local independent charity we do not have the financial capability to do this without your help," said the spokesperson. 

    Alternatively, if you do not wish to use the GoFundMe page you can donate via their website or Facebook page



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