Is Labour planning a smear campaign in Milton Keynes?

    New recruit Charlynne Pullen attended awayday which The Times reports was ‘how to smear rivals’.

    The Times reported over the weekend that the Labour Party sent 60 prospective parliamentary candidates on an awayday in Nottinghamshire last weekend. Part of the day included a seminar on media training, which several sources claim involved a discussion on how to sabotage their rivals.

    One attendee, who spoke on condition of anonymity to The Times said: "We were told that it was all right to make up stories about our Tory opponents even if they were on the edge of legality. We were basically told we could say what we liked about them as long as it was on the right side of the law. I was quite surprised, to say the least."

    A local Conservative Party Spokesperson says, "This is no surprise. As the local Labour Party continues to become more hard left the personal attacks and smear have increased. They are desperate tactics. We will keep working hard as a team delivering on the issues that matter most to the residents of Milton Keynes."

    MKFM has had it confirmed locally that Charlynne Pullen attended the event and this appears to be supported by a tweet which included the prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes North. No comment has been offered by Labour locally, instead, we were referred to the national Labour HQ Press Office.

     You can read the original Times article  here 


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