intu Milton Keynes pulls out the stops for The Bus Shelter MK

    Last weekend, intu Milton Keynes launched its month-long festival of music called intuLIVE, raising money and awareness for The Bus Shelter MK charity.

    Staff from intu and the Bus Shelter charity volunteered their weekend to put on games for shoppers which included spin-the-wheel to higher-or-lower as well as Unit Nine promoters put on a line-up of local performers in Oak Court. “Everyone has volunteered their time, including the performers in support of The Bus Shelter MK, which is incredibly humbling,” said marketing manager at intu Milton Keynes, Kirsty McGiff.

    Throughout the weekend, a total of £2,500 was raised through the games, collections and donations, which will go towards the £30,000 target to get the bus in action in September. So far, approximately £20,000 has been generated through events and donations.

    Pam Williams, Chair of The Bus Shelter MK said "We can't thank intu Milton Keynes and their staff enough for the enthusiasm and support they have given to The Bus Shelter MK since we first approached them with our idea for a homeless shelter based in a double decker bus.  Their wonderful support has been matched by the generosity of Milton Keynes shoppers who talk to us about their concern for the growing number of people sleeping on the streets.  Our collection buckets have seen donations ranging from £100, to a little girl's pocket money and our smallest donation, but perhaps our most memorable, of 8p from a homeless person who insisted on doing his bit to help!"

    intuLIVE continues in Oak Court throughout August with performers and entertainers from 12pm. People and groups can take a slot in the centre to ‘busk’ and raise money for themselves. To put yourself forward, contact Unit Nine here: 


    About The Bus Shelter MK

    The bus will provide a warm and safe place for people to sleep that will be open every day of the year. A separate bathroom and laundry unit will be parked alongside and residents will be given a mailing address so they can access medical services, apply for work etc.  It will be manned 24/7 with people willing to offer friendly support so issues can be discussed and help will be given to find more permanent housing. Assistance to find employment and opportunities for personal development will be offered.

    All this costs money and The Bus Shelter MK is appealing to local people and businesses to give whatever they can to help raise the essential funds. People can donate at

    To learn more about The Bus Shelter MK, or if you are able to help with our project in any way, please email or follow on Facebook

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