Inspirational Milton Keynes mum named as finalist for Woman of the Year 2022

    A mum from Milton Keynes has been named a finalist for Lorraine's Woman Of The Year 2022.

    Hannah, also known as local blogger Blind Mum Vs the World, appeared on Lorraine on ITV this morning, as the show surprised her with the news that she has been shortlisted as a 'Woman Of The Year' Trailblazer Award finalist.

    Hannah Burgess, 24 and mother of two, was born with Albinism and Nystagmus and regularly posts content to help raise awareness of sight conditions.

    "I am so grateful to each and every person who has supported me and my blog," Hannah told MKFM. 

    "I hope I can grow and support more and more people everyday. Wow, thank you."

    DJ Adele Roberts, Presenter Ria Hebden and newsreader Julie Etchingham have been named as judges for the award, which is in honour of Dame Deborah James, alongside Lorraine Kelly. 

    Previous finalists include Leanne Pero, founder of Black Women Rising, a cancer support project, and Yasmin Geddes, who set up suicide prevention and mental health awareness project The Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust, after her brother took his own life.

    Hannah was the youngest guide dog handler in the country when she first qualified at 13 and she is most known for her blog Blind Mum Vs the World, which has grown to support many others in the same situation.

    Rachel Silvester, Hannah's sister and nominator said on the Lorraine Show "Hannah doesn't realise what she's doing and how important it is and who needs it. I think it's about time she realised."

    Hannah will be joining Lorraine and the other finalists for the awards next week.

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