IKEA Milton Keynes support Medical Detection Dogs with donation of items

    IKEA Milton Keynes has made a donation of items to Medical Detection Dogs, to help the local charity's vital funds go towards training its 'Super Sniffer' pups.

    Medical Detection Dogs, based in Great Horwood, trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease with the aim of developing faster, more efficient and less invasive diagnostics that lead to better patient outcomes.

    The charity relies on the generosity of supporters, charitable trusts and foundations and members of the public to fund its life-saving work.

    Medical Detection Dogs has thanked IKEA for a large donation which will help the charity to save funds, allowing more money to go towards its work.

    Folding chairs, donated by the furniture store, will be used for the demonstration that the charity gives in the main arena at Crufts on Sunday 10th March. The demonstration will be televised so people can tune in and watch it at 13:05pm this weekend.

    IKEA has also made a large donation of freezer bags. Once the charity's clients have passed through the application process and have been paired with their dog, Medical Alert Assistance Dag (MAAD) team instructors start the process of teaching the dog the scent their client will have when they have an impending life-threatening episode.

    It is important that the samples the clients collect are kept in a contamination free way and the Ikea Istad bags are a secure way to this. 

    The charity uses 58 bags per client, so the donation of 3000 bags that it has received, will support 51 client partnerships at the very start of the journey to a life changing partnership.

    Get in touch with jo.ronan@mkfm.com today to find out how we can connect your business with local charities.

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