'I have never seen so many': Daddy Long Legs are spotted invading Milton Keynes homes

    Photo: Wikipedia

    Residents in Milton Keynes, and across the country, have reported seeing an increase in Daddy Long Legs invading their homes.

    Daddy Long Legs, formally known as Crane Flies, find the warm weather we have been experiencing the perfect conditions for breeding.

    And it seems now the crane fly larvae have begun to hatch from their underground tunnels and start their search for a mate. 

    These creatures only live for a few days and take it upon them to find a mate before they die. Crane flies are attracted to light meaning they will creep through doors and windows often leaving themselves trapped indoors.

    Residents have since been reporting seeing "more daddy long legs than usual" this month, with one local resident having to remove eight from their home in one hour - and they are adamant that it was not the same one! 

    Ian Kettle, a lawn treatment specialist, told the Mail Online that the larvae had left bare patches on his customer's lawns. He said: "I've worked in the lawn treatment business for 13 years and never seen so many."

    However it has since been reported that there is likely to be the same amount of crane flies around compared to previous years. Since people are spending more time at home, and it is the best time of year for breeding, it is just more likely that you will be able to spot them. 

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