Households in these Milton Keynes areas told keep their missed garden waste out for collection tomorrow

    13 areas of Milton Keynes had their food and garden waste collections missed today (21/9).

    The service had previously been suspended due to the "pingdemic", but resumed last month.

    Since then, crews have been working at least one day behind schedule with collections as multiple housing estates have had collections missed each day.

    The areas that have been affected by today's missed collections are as follows: 

    • Astwood
    • Bancroft
    • Broughton
    • Chicheley 
    • Clifton Reynes
    • Downs Barn
    • Hardmean
    • Middleton
    • MK Village
    • Moulsoe
    • North Crawley
    • Woolstone
    • Newton Blossomville

    Households have been told to leave their waste out for collection tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd September).

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