Here is a full list of the roadworks taking place in Milton Keynes this week

    Milton Keynes Council has said that roadworks will be carried out in various areas over the next week.

    There may be road closures, and subsequent diversions, in place to provide a "safe working environment" for council teams. 

    These are the road repairs including potholes:

    29 March:

    Bletchley - Aylesbry Street, Chepstow Drive and Middlesex Drive

    V7 Saxon Street between H9 and H10

    30 March:

    Bletchley - Forfar Drive, Tavistock Street and Denbign Hall Drive

    CMK - Midsummer Boulevard and Station Square

    H4 Dansteed Way between V5 and V6

    Millers Way between V5 and V6

    Stacey Bushes - Myrtle Bank

    31 March:

    Bletchley - Simpson Road

    H4 Dansteed Way between V4 and V5

    1 April:

    Bletchley - Whaddon Way and Masefield Close

    Bradwell Common - Bradwell Common Boulevard

    Eaglestone - Golden Drive

    Fishermead - Kellan Drive

    H5 Portway between V3 and V4

    Bridge Refurbishment:

    13 - 25 April:

    Fenny Stratford - Watling Street

    Gully cleaning (road drains):

    29 March:

    V10 Brickhill Street between H5 and H6

    1 April:

    V10 Brickhill Street between H7 and H8

    Resurfacing Works:

    6 - 11 April:

    Chicheley - Newport Road

    14 - 19 March:

    V1 Snelshall Street between H6 and H7

    20 - 21 March:

    H3 Monks Way between V8 and V9

    30 April:

    Great Linford - Wolverton Road

    Trial Holes:

    12 - 14 April:

    Springfield - Turbmill Avenue

    For more details about roadworks, events and road closures for Milton Keynes, please click here.  

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