Heavenly Desserts Milton Keynes drops a new summer drinks and dessert menu

    Heavenly Desserts’ Hibiscus and Honey Iced Tea, Watermelon Sugar Cooler, The Macaron Milk Cake, Iced White Chocolate and Chai, and Blueberry Boba Cheesecake Pot

    Desserts has revealed its limited edition menu for the season ahead, available to Milton Keynes residents until the end of September.

    With long sunny days upon us, MK residents will be able to indulge in three new delicious drinks and two new tasty treats from the UK’s favourite dessert brand, all of which celebrate the hit flavours of the season. 

    The new, delicious drink additions are sure to quench summer thirst on hot days and include a Hibiscus and Honey Iced Tea, a Watermelon Sugar Cooler and an Iced White Chocolate and Chai milkshake. Each drink can be enjoyed in-store, or as an on-the-go takeaway option. 

     Also joining the large dessert menu is The Macaron Milk Cake, served with summer berries, white chocolate shavings and vanilla milk syrup. Alongside this is the Blueberry Boba Cheesecake Pot, featuring vanilla cheesecake, a crunchy biscuit crumb, passionfruit sauce and exciting blueberry popping pearls, served in the iconic Heavenly Desserts plant pot. 

    Sophie Page, head of marketing at Heavenly Desserts, said, “Low alcohol by volume (ABV) and non-alcoholic cocktails are seeing a huge surge in popularity, and Statista notes that consumers are favouring high-quality and unique non-alcoholic beverages, due to the preference of a more sophisticated drinking experience. Our team remains steadfast in its approach to offering non-alcoholic beverages and our summer drinks menu is no exception to this, as we want to lean into the trend of innovative, flavoursome drinks that are accessible to all.”

    Heavenly desserts limited edition menus are always inspired by research into the most on-trend flavours, and this year they’ve decided to lean into the ongoing botanicals drinks trend with our Hibiscus and Honey Iced Tea, offering a fragrant blend of iced white tea and sweet hibiscus syrup that follows on from their popular botanic drinks collection from last summer. Island flavours are also set to be a hit this season, and their Watermelon Sugar Cooler is a super hydrating must-try, allowing guests to cool down as temperatures rise.

    Heavenly Desserts’ signature menu will also be available for guests to enjoy, with plenty of cooling gelatos, sweet sundae jars and fruity flavours available to delight the summer palate. The menu includes the brand’s famous croffle - a delectable croissant-waffle combination unique to Heavenly Desserts - along with a tasty dessert tapas range that has been inspired by worldwide flavours.  

     Heavenly Desserts’ extensive menu caters to a range of dietary requirements, with all dishes suited to halal, vegan and alcohol-free dessert lovers, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. 

    The limited edition drinks and dessert are available across all stores now until 30 September.

    To find out more about Heavenly Desserts, please visit: https://heavenlydesserts.co.uk  

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