Government urged to 'fix problem' as Milton Keynes heart attack victims wait nearly an hour for an ambulance

    Potential heart attack victims in Milton Keynes are forced to wait nearly an hour for an ambulance, new data has revealed.

    New data published by NHS England show that Category 2 patients which include potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, are waiting on average 54 minutes for an ambulance in the South Central region.

    The target response time set by the NHS for Category 2 calls is 18 minutes, this means the target is currently being missed by more than half an hour.

    Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Liberal Democrats last month revealed the average wait time for Category 2 calls was 25 minutes, now at 54 minutes this shows the wait time has more than doubled.

    Meanwhile, the average ambulance response time for Category 1 calls, which are the most urgent and life-threatening, was recorded as over 10 minutes in December.

    Local Liberal Democrats say that information they received last month revealed the previous wait time was nearly 8 minutes.

    Now, local Lib Dem councillors are urging the government to 'fix the problem'.

    Councillor Jane Carr, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Public Health said: “To wait nearly an hour for an ambulance is unacceptable. Patients with life-threatening conditions are having to wait far too long for emergency care and this is putting their lives at risk. The people of Milton Keynes deserve better.”

    Liberal Democrat Leader on Milton Keynes City Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn added: “Yet again, the Conservative government have failed to tackle the problem head on. I feel it for the patients who are left waiting for treatment and for the staff who are overwhelmed and tasked with the impossible job of trying to provide the same standard of care with twice as many patients. 

    "I am urging the government to fix the problem by recruiting extra paramedics and the ambulance staff that we desperately need.”

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