Hang out with native species for Bat Appreciation Day in Milton Keynes

    Discover Britain’s bats as they wake from hibernation this Spring! Spot the species found locally by joining a Bat Walk organised by The Parks Trust, the charity caring for Milton Keynes’ parkland.

    You can learn about the seven species regularly seen across the city in this handy online guide and kids activity pack created by the Trust.

    The popular Bat Walks are led by knowledgeable Parks Trust guides and offer a great opportunity to discover the diverse wildlife found in the city’s parkland, particularly the healthy local bat population. Attendees will witness bats in their natural environment while growing an appreciation and understanding of the nocturnal creatures - when and where to see them, their behaviours and how to identify them.

    Tickets for the limited series of Bat Walks will be on sale from 9am on Bat Appreciation Day, Wednesday 17th April, for the following events:

    Did you know? Bats play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem, and their population levels serve as indicators of our local environment's health. That's why they are protected by UK law to prevent predation, habitat loss, and disturbance.

    Carla Boswell, Biodiversity Officer at The Parks Trust says “Bat Walks are such an exciting way to introduce more of our local community to these incredible flying mammals, highlighting the importance of bats and their direct impact on our lives and the surrounding natural world.”

    If you're interested in learning how The Parks Trust protects local species through activities such as box monitoring and surveys, or how you can personally contribute to conserving populations and their habitats, visit the Trust’s bat page for more information.

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