Gymnastics club left damaged by flooding after overnight storm in Milton Keynes

    A gymnastics club in Milton Keynes has been left damaged following a storm in the early hours of this morning (5/9).

    MK Springers Gymnastics Club, based in Kiln Farm, has been left damaged after 500 litres of water reportedly fell through the roof during last night's storms.

    A spokesperson for the club has said that damage made to the property is in the thousands, with the ply flooring allegedly costing £40,000 alone.

    The club has cancelled all of its classes for today and predict that they will not be able to go ahead tomorrow.

    MK Springers has made a call out for dehumidifiers and volunteers to help with the clean up and putting the club back together.

    A spokesperson for the club wrote on social media: "Over 500 litres of water has come through the roof overnight causing significant flooding to both gym units and considerable financial loss due to damage to the sprung floor, matting and bars.

    "We are working hard on the clear up but we will also need to get in dehumidifiers to dry out the matting and this may take a little time. We aren’t even half way there in finding all the water!

    "Classes are therefore cancelled this evening. An email will follow to all affected gymnasts parents/carers.

    "Our apologies to everyone: we were so looking forward to welcoming you all back after the summer."

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