Gully cleaning to take place in these Milton Keynes estates throughout December

    MK Council recently bought in another gully cleaning tanker to carry out extra drain clearing around MK over the next few months.

    Areas prone to localised flooding have been identified as needing some extra cleaning in additional to the cyclical cleaning carried out by the highways team.

    Through October and November, the tanker was in Stony Stratford, Far Bletchley, Enfield Park, Granby, The Bowl, Coffee Hall and Furzton Lake, Old Bletchley, Winterhill, Bancroft Park, Enfield Park, Denbigh and Olney.

    This month, residents in Furzton, Kingsmead, Loughton Lodge, Emerson Valley, Bletchley East, Snelshall West and Snelshall East may spot some gully cleaning going on.

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