Ground investigations will start next month ahead of Milton Keynes estate regeneration

    Formal funding approval for more than £62m has now been approved by Milton Keynes Council to deliver the regeneration (Phase A) of the Lakes Estate and Serpentine Court.

    Phase A will see more than 200 new council homes built in the Lakes Estate for residents of Serpentine Court.

    In addition to the demolition of Serpentine Court and construction of new council homes, the regeneration of the Lakes Estate will create better quality environments, enhanced local parks and open spaces, as well as new community and commercial facilities.

    MK Council will now begin putting together its documentation for the tender process to appoint construction partners, which are hoped to be onsite next summer.

    Below is a timeline produced by Milton Keynes Council:

    MK Council approval of timeline and funding             July 2021 (complete)

    Public Realm improvements                                       April 2021- March 2022

    Produce information for tender                                   Sept 2021- Feb 2022

    Detailed ground investigation                                     Sept 2021- October 2021

    Tender and works contract award                               Jan 2021- April 2022

    Construction works                                                      August 2022- Oct 2024

    Handover of new homes                                             Oct 2023- Oct 2024

    Demolition works of Serpentine Court                        Oct 2024- April 2025


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