Gritters will be out across Milton Keynes tonight as temperatures drop

    The gritting team are set to head out again across Milton Keynes tonight as road surface temperatures drop.

    Road surface temperatures are set to drop to almost minus 3 degrees tonight across the city.

    The gritting team are set to head out from 8pm this evening (6 February) to cover the main routes and roads in Milton Keynes.

    It comes after a week of warmer temperatures.

    The H6 and V6 super route redways will be sprayed with brine tomorrow (7 February).

    The city also has over 400 salt bins (yellow or grey) located at various points for the use of residents.

    Back in December, surface temperatures dropped to minus 12 degrees and crews worked through the night to grit the roads.

    Residents took to social media to thank the Ringway workers for their efforts.

    The gritting team has three routes it uses to determine where gritting will take place, dependent on how low temperatures are dropping.

    The Priority 1 route includes the busy grid roads, bus routes and main access roads. The highways team routes uses 9 lorries each time it salts the Priority 1 routes, meaning it takes around 3 hours to complete. 

    The Priority 2 routes, which are usually covered in the morning, includes access roads to health services, schools, retail and industrial areas. Priority 2 salting routes are salted when there is more extreme weather and is usually carried out during the daylight hours and only once priority 1 routes are clear.

    Priority 3 routes, which includes other roads not in routes 1 and 2 are rarely covered except for in extreme cases, when there is heavy snow for long periods.

    You can view a full map of Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes by clicking here under the 'winter maintenence' tab.

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